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I wanted to migrate my datastore entities from one "web app" to another.

Thanks to App Engine's remote_api this was painless.

After following the quick set-up instructions at the aforementioned URL, three commands accomplished the migration.

The download command:

appcfg.py download_data --url=http://<url>/remote_api --filename=db

And then one upload command per entity (I have just two entity types):

appcfg.py upload_data --kind=BlogPost --filename=db .
appcfg.py upload_data --kind=BlogComment --filename=db .
created: 2010-07-17 | updated: 2010-07-17

on 2010-08-07 hyperslug wrote:

What's your blogging engine? This a custom job? Supports Markdown? cool

on 2010-08-07 adam wrote:

Hey, yeah, this is all custom code; much of which was borrowed from similar projects. Feel free to re-use and / or extend it. Thanks for the comment :-)

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