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Awhile back I got this netbook from woot!. I'm trying not to seem ungrateful, but the default Linux installation left a little something to be desired. There was also a slow, meagerly sized hard-disk.

So for awhile my netbook collected dust :-(

Then I saw one of these running Ubuntu at a Southern California Python Interest Group meeting. Even the gent sitting next to me had one running Ubuntu. I felt like I'd been living in a cave.

So I ordered, at a bargain, an open-box Super Talent 16GB Mini PCI-E SATA2 Solid State Drive from Bezos.

I then followed these instructions from the kind folks at ehow.com to get my netbook's firmware updated.

  1. Download new BIOS from Asus. My model name is Eee PC 900A/Linux.
  2. Rename file to 900A.ROM and toss onto a USB drive. Filesize 512KB.
  3. Shut down Eee PC.
  4. Ensure Eee PC is on AC power (not battery).
  5. Insert USB drive to Eee PC.
  6. Turn on Eee PC, and press Alt-F2 until BIOS loads. IMPORTANT: Once BIOS starts loading don't touch the keyboard.
  7. Unplug Eee PC, remove from AC power, and remove battery.
  8. Remove the two (2) screws securing back-panel.
  9. Replace hard-disk and/or RAM. This is a good video showing how not to insert the hard-disk (yikes!)
  10. Replace back-panel. Replace battery.

Take a breather.
Enjoy a quesadilla and fresh guacamole that your wife lovingly made for you :-D

Now we're going to install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx onto our Asus Eee PC 900A. We'll need a free USB drive and the usb-creator software. I followed these instructions.

  1. Download the latest Ubuntu Netbook here.
  2. sudo apt-get install usb-creator or sudo aptitude install usb-creator
  3. I ran that program by typing usb-creator-gtk at the shell.
  4. usb-creator has two panes. Start on the top, and click Other... to select your newly downloaded .iso file.
  5. Plug in your USB drive (which will HAVE EVERYTHING ON IT SUMMARILY DELETED), and click Format.
  6. Select the proper device and click Make Startup Disk.
  7. After about 5-10 minutes it should be ready to go, so you can eject and then insert into your Eee PC.
  8. Boot up your Eee PC and all that's left is to follow Ubuntu's excellent startup instructions!

I configured it to connect to our wireless router, and my wife plugged it in to our HP LaserJet 1020; which surprisingly worked immediately and without a hitch.

Happy netbooking!

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created: 2010-05-06 | updated: 2010-05-14

on 2010-05-07 Wife wrote:

and we all thank you :-)))))

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