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If creating a personal weblog sounds at all interesting to you, there is good news: You have many examples from which to learn.

And now you also have my meager contribution at which you can laugh and shake your head. Source code hosted by the fine people at BitBucket.

I know what you're saying:
What's in it for me?
Why would I want a weblog?
Allow me to defer to Geoffrey Grosenbach, who writes:

An interview at RubyInside recently suggested that Rails developers who want to be hired should maintain a Rails-related blog.

I'll add to this and say that every beginning Rails developer should write their own blog software. It's a great learning experience and you can try things that aren't possible with just an app running on localhost. It's also a great environment for learning without the pressure of a mission-critical app.

created: 2010-02-06 | updated: 2010-06-07

on 2010-04-12 wife wrote:

And now you made me my personal blog, thank you my dear. I'm just curious if your reasoning was meant to stop me from writing programing non-related comments :P

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